What is Numerology – Why Do You Need to Know Your Number?

Numbers have a significant bearing on events, perceived and real. The relational study between numbers and the coinciding events, studied assiduously over a period of time is Numerology.

Though usually, it is purported to fall under the divine, mystical, surreal or spiritual realm, many belief systems ascribe derivations of Numerology, such as isopsephy to mathematicians, such as Pythagoras. Think about it, on the surface, how can numbers can be anything but objective?

Num1Most categorically, Numerology is classified under the divinatory science (oxymoronic?) and the paranormal zone – understanding beyond our everyday understanding.

Tid-Bit: Numerology – the first literal instance of the word was recorded only in 1907.

The idea that one can decipher or divine much about his or her life through a thorough analyses of numerical patterns is the fundamental principle embraced by both, believers and practitioners.

Some go so far as to say that one’s entire life- – past, present and future- can be structured accurately by examining a few basic numbers unique to the individual!

Some Historical References to Numerology can be found in the following ancient cultures:

  • The Vedas (India)
  • Babylonia,
  • Greece, 6th century B.C. (Pythagoras)
  • Alexandria,
  • Kabbalah

To understand the modern take on this ancient discipline, I recommend Ruth A. Drayer’s book, Numerology, The Power in Numbers (Square One Publishers) and. Dr. Jordan’s work “The Romance in Your Name” which speaks of a system for identifying key numerological influences in one’s name and birth date and remains a seminal interpretive guide for practitioners today.

There are many equally foundational works published on the subject in various local languages in India – it is my attempt to bring to the readers of this blog, a sound translation of each, by and by.

For the purpose of divination, most numerologists use numbers 1 through 9 only. So for example,


(1) Stands for the individual will, Leadership, entrepreneurship,
(2) Harmony, Balance and Receptive Partnership
(3) Community Interaction, Group Work
(4) Industry, Creation
(5) Doing; Experiencing
(6) Responsibility, Equilibrium, Yin-Yang
(7)Thought & Spirit
(8)The Strength of Sacrifice
(9) Transformation

Due to the prominence gained by numbers and numerology in popular fiction, folks are turning to numerology as readily as they are to astrology. This site will bring to you reviews, popular views, investigative articles and most of all syndicated content available on the twin disciplines of Numerology and Vedic Astrology so you can decide for whether this is just a pseudoscience that rests feeble on scientific authority or if it is indeed a discursive subject that birthed – and continues to birth many logical thought (and belief!) systems the world over!

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ExpertSpeak -Top Horoscope, Numerology and Vedic Astrology Sites

Hello Astro Fan and Fan (atic),

In my last post, I took you through my astro week journey,  a  journey of my favorite weekly bookmarks. The sites I presented to you were the ones that have climbed on my list over the past year or so. In this post, let’s take a look at some other great players in the space that are more rave-reviewers favorite sites.

These are the ones that have grown in popularity and fan following over the web and have in-depth knowledge about planets, stars, aspects, synastry, horary … and so on. Continue reading

The Best of the Web – Top 7 Horoscope Sites across 7 Days!

Hello Astro Fan and Fan (atic),

Going forward in ensuring that you read only the best that is to find on the Web, in this article I want to share with you my daily dose (ok, exaggeration)…my weekly dose of horoscopes on the Web. Most astrologers and their websites…and in fact, their web masters, who I imagine do the daily updates have in-depth knowledge and have been able to present it in an easy to navigate format.

Most of the websites mentioned here do have the Daily and Monthly fields…but for the sake of brevity, convenience and hygiene, I have broken them up by the seven days of the week. Sites listed as such are not necessarily updated on the days mentioned, but I like to read them in that order…

I’m sure you’ll find your own rhythm, but I do hope you dig the listing much as I do.


Monday – No More Blues

  1. Begin your week by choosing your horoscope from a cleanly spaced out central nav drop-down at ANNABEL BURTON’S website: http://www.annabelburton.com/weekly.html
  2. ANNIE’s website is a little misleading, but in a good way – it has so much more than just horoscopes! http://www.anne-elisabeth.com.au/
  3. ASTRO BARRY thinks he knows you better than you…enjoy his site for the ease of navigation, clean layout – but most of his unique editorial flavor! http://www.astrobarry.com/horoscopes.php
  4. Absolutely love Penny Thornton’s ASTROLUTELY – besides spot on horocscopes (subjective view, of course) it wins major brownie points for being updated when she says it will be! http://www.astrolutely.com/index.php
  5. Got style? Then you must give ASTROSTYLE a shot and a shout – the website has very detailed horoscopes – what’s more it’s very appealing visually and the authorial tone is very genial! http://www.astrostyle.com/
  6. ASTROWOW deserves your attention because of the unassuming structure, very easily navigable and readable horoscope buttons and most of all, great content! http://www.astrowow.com/
  7. Stephanie creates a spell-binding ambience in her horoscopes presented ON COSMIC PATH. Read her if you like the feeling of being in a trance – momentarily! http://www.thecosmicpath.com/weekly-horoscope

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Top 5 Vedic Astrology Sites – Get Your Daily Dose Right Here!

Hey Astro Fan and Fan (atic),

There’s a reason why Vedic Astrology and Numerology are becoming wildly popular in the field of the divination arts – the predictions based on these two sciences are known to be more accurate than Sun sign astrology, as the latter sidesteps the variances in faster moving planets – such as the Moon (well, it’s not exactly a planet – but – for the purpose of the paranormal –it is called as such)

I am not an expert practitioner, but I am a staunch believer. Here, I present to you the Top 5 sites, as on date, that will help you understand your place in the vedic system much better, and to top off you’ll end up with a lot of FREEBIES such as birth charts, compatibility charts etc.


1. Vedic Scholar


Vedic Scholar is a huge repository of texts, practices and beliefs on the ancient Indian discipline.

Their USP: ” Vedicscholar com does not believe in providing computer generated analysis reports. Every time you order a vedic astrology service through our site, your chart gets looked at by a very experienced and knowledgeable vedic astrologer in India. The astrologer spends around 3-4 hours on the chart analysis. You will be amazed by the depth of analysis done on your chart. Try one out today. Remedial consultation is provided free of cost along with your service request.”

2. Cyber Astro


Cyber Astro is a very popular, old, and neatly laid out website that offers you everything from paid to free services.

Their USP: “Get personalized predictions on Career, Finance, Love and Romance, Horary predictions, remedies as Gem Stones, Yantras and Personalized Yagnas. Know Rahu-Kalam and Mahuratam (Auspicious Date & Time) for different activities.” Continue reading