This is the first Sign of Zodiac. As a first sign it always remarks the beginning of new energy and adventures. The people born under this sign are having the approach of go- getter, often leading the way. The Ram is born leader and likes to lead than follow. They possess a natural magnetic personality that can stand out in the crowd. They are continuously looking for dynamic, speed and competition, always being the first in everything – from work to social circle.

Its ruling planet is Mars and the Element of which is Fire due to which they carry that fighting spirit.Mars is the god of War and the Aries are extremely action oriented. These are the people who never shy away from taking risks. Even when the situation is not in their favor these are the people who can go for it taking it as a challenge.

Highly independent people born under this Sign. They are self-motivated and can be self-centered to some extent. They will never accept it to take orders from others. They can get childish or moody if in case someone orders them. They love to live extreme adventurous life and they are brave enough to take any risk for it.They have been blessed with excellent organisational skills due to which they can easily manage all the things at the same time.

But deep inside under the hard nutshell of Aries may lie insecurity, fear of losing people. They put too much pressure on themselves to win and achieve their goals. They are good friends. Generous towards friends and always protective towards their close ones.

They are golden hearts people. They are very much fond of people who are resemble to them. As far as communication skills they have very direct and straight forward approach and never fears to spit out the bitter truths face to face.Beacuse of which they may seem arrogant and quarrel beginners.

Aries are sensitive even though they hide it very well. Aries knows they have a short temper and need someone who can handle that without running away. Their little secret is they would choose love over (almost) anything ;). Aries are very forgiving people. They never stay mad for long unless you did something really bad to them. They may have a smart mouth but is honest along with it. They are sarcastic but have a heart of gold. They are stubborn but extremely loyal. Anything slow irritates an Aries like crazy that might be slow computers, slow phones and slow people. They are very impatient and impulsive too.

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