Bhirgu Samhita

Introduction to Bhrigu samhita

Many thousands of years ago the Lord of the universe and God of the  three Lokas, Lord Sri Vishnu Narayana was having a sleep on the bed of  the Cobra. The Goddess Lakshmi was respectfully nursing his feet. At the very same time the Maharishi Bhrigu presented himself to the  Vaykunth Loka at the entrance.

Two Door-keepers was standing at the entrance to the Vaykunth Loka.  They were named Jai and Vijay. First of all they welcomed Bhrigu Rishi,  and after that they asked him not to enter at the moment to Lord Sri  Vishnu, since he was sleeping.

Not being allowed entrance to Lord Sri Vishnu Narayana the Maharishi  Bhrigu got very angry and said to Jai and Vijay: “By stopping the  Maharishi Bhrigu you have insulted the most great brahmin soul. Due to  that you can get a curse, which will force you to be reborn on the Earth  at least three times.”

When listening to this threat from Maharishi Bhrigu, Jai and Vijay both  bended down their heads and were very silent. Now the Bhrigu Rishi could  enter the door, without anybody stopping him anylonger. The Maharishi Bhrigu then entered the place where Lord Sri Vishnu  Narayana was sleeping with Goddess Lakshmi at his feet. When Bhrigu  Rishi saw this, he became full of anger, because he thought that Lord  Vishnu was not really sleeping, but only pretending to sleep just to  insult him.

This was the time, when the Maharishi Bhrigu with his right leg kicked  the chest of Lord Sri Vishnu. When he was hit Lord Vishnu opened his  eyes and went up.

Lord Vishnu was just astonished to see the Bhrigu Rishi standing there.  So he bended down his head with folded hands, and said to Bhrigu Rishi:  “My Lord, my chest is the strongest thing in the world, like a mountain,  but your feet are so soft. Maybe you got hurt while kicking me. So  please forgive me for that.”

While listening to the words of Lord Vishnu, the Bhrigu rishi got very  calm and felt very guilty, and he asked the God please to forgive him.20 As all this happened, Lakshmi, the Goddess of wealth, got very angry,  and she said to Maharishi Bhrigu: “By behaving this badly towards my  husband, you have insulted me. Therefor I now give a curse, so that you  and all your fellow Brahmins will always live in poverty begging for  your living. I will never come to your home.” After listening to this the Bhrigu Rishi said: “Poverty Lakshmi!  Whatever crime I did was in anger, and I have already asked the Lord Sri  Vishnu to forgive me. By not thinking very nicely, you have now given  this curse to me and my fellow Brahmins. But anyway what has happened  has happened. I will now write a Jyotish Grantha, from which the  Brahmins can predict all about the past, present and future of every  person in the world. They will get good knowledge as well as good  earnings from this. They will be able to earn their livelihood. And this  way you have got to come to their home anyhow!”

Having said this Maharishi Bhrigu went back to his ashram, and wrote  his book known as “Bhrigu Samhita” which contains the life-stories of  the past, present and future of all the people in the world on the basis  of their Janma-kundalies.

First of all Bhrigu Rishi taught the principles of this Grantha to his  own son and disciple Shukra. By Shukra it was little by little  distributed to the Brahmins all over the world. On the basis of this the Brahmins have predicted about the past,  present and future, and made a living from that.

This is all the story  about the Bhrigu Samhita.