Being the first air sign Gemini is extremely inquisitive, busy and chatty person around. There are hundreds of things popping in and out of the Gemini mind.

If you want to recognize Gemini in crowd you can easily observe a typical Gemini sentence starts with the words how? Where? Why? Easy thing right?

Gemini is the third sign of Zodiac.  Most energetic clever and extremely independent. Gemini people will not be pinned down by anyone or any rules. Gemini is one of the many factors combined in one person when you try to assess.

Gemini people are one of the most fun loving people in the zodiac. The Gemini nature is quick and witty. They have great sense of humor and the power of communication that they can convince demons too. They are hungry for learning anything it might be. They are quick and adaptable. Change and freedom are extremely important to Gemini.

Gemini’s can be the sweetest person you know but anger them and they can become fiercest. When they mad at one thing can brings about the anger they feel for a million other things because of which they can seem blunt sometimes. They hate being controlled so never tell Gemini what to do possibilities are that they might get feisty as a result.

They are the God’s of communication this is due to their ruling planet Mercury. We can say Gemini is born linguist, they know how to use their mouth and their quick wit.  You will never feel bore when you are accompanying with Gemini.

This sign is as lively and spontaneous as a small child and seems to stay that way forever.

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