What one should say about Taurus, the bull it reflects hard work, practicality, strong determination and a little bit stubborn. They may be the most dependable in the entire zodiac.

Energy of this sign is fixed. Generally, they are bestowed with strong body and physique. They concentrate on achieving the goals they set for themselves.   These people are known for their love for materialistic pleasures.

Ruling planet Venus makes these people loving by nature. Usually they are happy in fulfilling their daily chores rather than being ambitious. They may not share their ideas and aims with others. They speak carefully and avoids gossiping. They are very possessive about their things, loved ones and family or anything.

Taurus is most earthly in nature compared to other earthly signs of the zodiac. They have the strong stability of power. Which represents a native having very steady and grounded quality, attracted to material values and comforts. It is very easy to get along with Taureans. They will not like to quarrel and avoid ill-feeling.

They are the people who knows ‘what to do’ and ‘how to do’. They always tend to take decisions after careful considerations and with patience. Taurus native has got all that power of actions which Aries natives carries but they will not be satisfied with the actions for its own sake.

Very stubborn and they love their home and changes upsets them. Actually it will not be justice to call them stubborn because basically they take time to decide what to do. This native will have amazing quality of bearing emotional and physical pain. Taurus people love to live luxury life.

These people should learn to make all important decisions when they are alone because they will be influenced by people which will around them. Taureans magnetism attracts negative as well as positive influences.These people should realize the value of Spiritual things being too materialistic is not good either.

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